The CIVDEF Group

IT Services

IT Services

Information technology is an enabler to execute organization and program goals. CIVDEF Group works first to understand the need. Based on customer improvement goals, we work in collaboration with our partners to deliver secure, reliable technology facilitated solutions. We begin by understanding and simplifying your existing infrastructure using proven tools and intelligent automation, and we find ways to lower operating costs, so you can invest in the future of your IT estate.

  • Service Desk

    Timely response is a key factor in our design and support of Service Desk management solutions. From restructuring current products to new product integration, it is imperative to meet the needs of customers and employees through a holistic approach that combines both a focus on the people and the technology to meet their needs.

  • Content Management System

    We design and deliver enterprise content management solutions including document and records management processes to maximize employee time and facilitate improved experiences for constituents.

  • Cloud Services

    As legacy systems are modernized, we facilitate best practices that integrate both COTS and custom solutions locally and, in the cloud, to improve experiences for both internal and external users. Whether its Infrastructure (IaaS), Platform (PaaS), or Software (SaaS) that is needed as a service, CIVDEF solutions facilitate the flow of information and data.

  • Cyber Security

    Today’s environment requires a consistent review and improvement of our security systems. Malicious threats are increasing exponentially. CIVDEF team and partners bring credentialed and cleared individuals to meet current and future project needs.